Maha Youth Cong leader alleges malpractices in MPSC exams
    Mumbai, Feb 11 (PTI) The Maharashtra Public Service
Commission (MPSC) has been encouraging "mass copying" in its
examinations by "faulty" allocation of seat numbers to
candidates, a state Youth Congress leader alleged Monday.
    Maharashtra State Youth Congress president Satyajit
Tambe, speaking to reporters here, equated it to the Vyapam
scam in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh and said he would go to
court if the state government did not take action.
    "Candidates appearing for the Maharashtra Public
Service Commission examinations have to register a mobile
number while submitting the examination form. From 2017-18,
the seat number is allotted to the applicant based on the last
digit of his or her mobile number," he said.
    "However, it has come to light that many candidates
have updated their mobile numbers in the form so that it
closely matches that of candidates known to them. Using this
trick, candidates get seat numbers allotted in such a way that
they are seated close to individuals known to them. This was
leading to mass copying," he explained.
    "MPSC examinations in the past have been conducted in
the same manner. With such a faulty method of allocating seat
numbers favouring some candidates, the aim to have impartial
results is being compromised," Tambe claimed.
    He said the MPSC's method was easily comprehensible to
some candidates, adding that there was a possibility of direct
involvement of some people in the state government in this.
    "The government should come clean on this issue. How
come a bunch of people, whose numbers are in serial order, are
getting selected? It is suspicious," he claimed.
    "I am ready to take this matter to court if the state
government ignores our demand for a thorough investigation,"
he told reporters. PTI ND