Human spirit of Campa Cola Compound case inspired 'Home' Habib Faisal

    Mumbai, Aug 10 (PTI) Habib Faisal says his upcoming web series "Home" is partly inspired by the Campa Cola compound case.
    The residential complex was mired in a controversy for years owing to illegal construction that led to a demolition order for the 96 households.
    "Home", which would steam on Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji, would be Faisal's first venture in digital space.
    "The makers worked on the storyline, which was inspired from the Campa Cola society case. The human part of the case is the inspiration, not the illegal part. 'Home' is a fictional show," Faisal told PTI.
    "Our show has its own story and complication, the basic thing is that how for middle class people housing is a huge problem. The illegal thing is rampant and it happens everywhere and not just Campa Cola society," he added.
    In the web series, the society's name has been changed to Kalakruti.
    Exploring the lives of middle class people living in metropolis fascinated Faisal to take up the web series.
    "They told me that it is a show about a middle class residential society's fight for their homes, which they get to know are illegal and an order is passed to demolish them."
    Faisal says housing should be the fundamental right of a person, and yet there is a dearth of the same.
    "In a nation like ours there are so many people who are homeless. It is horrible. What inspired (the story) is how fickle our middle class life is. One day someone can say demolish the house and for the system you are just a number. House is not just four walls, you have memories, emotions and relationships."
    The "Qaidi Band" director says when the makers approached him to helm the web series, he was a bit apprehensive.
    "I got to know that this is for a web series and I got scared, not that I am averse to web series but because I hadn't done it earlier. I have made two hour feature length film. So it was an exciting challenge. I became a student and was learning," he says.
    The 12-episode series is currently in the post production. It will be streamed on ALTBalaji app from August 29. PTI KKP JUR RB