What not to do on Valentine's Day

INDIA-ECONOMY-VALENTINES, valentines-day-afp A customer looks at Valentine's Day gifts items in a store in Bengaluru | AFP

The day is upon us. Love is in the air and couples of all kind are checking and double checking their surprise plans. Gifts? Check. Chocolates? Check. Champagne? Check. Roses? Check.

But what about those who are not prepared? What about those who are last minute planners. This is a list for those who belong to the rare category of lovers who tend to forget or have no clue what to do on this day. Follow this list so that you can avoid a break up (or the other way round if you want a quick break up!) and being dumped on supposedly the most romantic day of the year.

1. No matter what happens, do not forget the day

Forgetting might be an impossibility, with massive commercialisation of the day and red hearts popping into your line of sight everywhere you go long before Valentine's Day. But there might be individuals with brains which refuse to register the significance of February 14. If this does happen, then you are doomed and there is no chance for recovery. You might as well mark Ash Wednesday.

2. Do not repeat a gift

Okay, she might have been surprised by that expensive beautiful bracelet you got her last year or for her birthday. And, it might be your tradition to buy her expensive gifts every year. But do not get her the same thing this year. Not even a necklace or earring because you think it matches the bracelet. Instead, take her out for a fun-filled day packed with activities. Go hiking, or take a trip to the place where you guys first met. Just don't gift her the same thing every year. Tradition is great, but a different gift will add a spark to your relationship.

3. Do not go for dinner to a crowded restaurant

Imagine waiting in line to get a table in a crowded restaurant when you are supposed to be gazing into each others eyes and relinquishing some good food. Nothing kills the day like waiting in a queue along with other hungry couples. Finally, when you do get a table, the service is not all that great because the waiters are already tired with the crowd and some pesky couple earlier in the evening forgot to tip him.

4. If you don't know how to cook, this is not the day to experiment

Just because the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, do not make try to make that exotic romantic-sounding French dish for the first time today. Valentine's Day is not the day to test your culinary skills and your partner's tummy is not ready for the assault. Forget about the grand menu you planned for the day, and just order in.

5. Do not go out with your date to a sensitive area

This applies to you if you are in India. The extreme right wing followers and nationalists in India usually issue warnings to those planning to go out on Valentine's Day with their lovers. These fanatics attack couples who are seen spending time together at restaurants or any public places. For them, Valentine's Day is western imperialism and it hurts Indian culture. Moral policing is on a high on this day and the guardians of Indian culture are known to have attacked even siblings who happened to be travelling on a bike. So keep away from public places or areas where these fanatics are known to wander.