Bass with class

Nucleya, electronic music producer

Nucleya, the trailblazer of the desi bass sound, recently released a song in collaboration with global dance music act, Major Lazer, in which three-time Grammy-winning DJ and songwriter Diplo was involved. Called ‘Jadi buti’ and sung by Rashmeet Kaur, the song is part of the new Major Lazer album, Music Is The Weapon. Nucleya tells THE WEEK about his work in a lean year.

Q\ What is the new track ‘Jadi buti’ all about?

A\ If you have heard the track, it will not be too hard to tell what it is about (laughs)! [Rapper] Raftaar wrote very interesting lyrics for the song and I believe it is something to be taken light-heartedly, because it is just a song. ‘Jadi buti’ is fun, cheeky and groovy, with very faint hints of age-old Bollywood sounds.

Q\What have been the key takeaways from working with Diplo?

A\ There is no doubt that Diplo is one of the most talented producers around. I think one of the biggest takeaways is his passion for the right project. He is hell bent on finding the right sound and aesthetic for things and is okay with the fact that it takes time to make that happen. But when it does, he puts in everything he has to make sure it is executed brilliantly.

Q\ How did you keep yourself busy this year? Have you been working on some new music?

A\ You know, I miss the feeling of being on the road and playing for our audiences, but I am incredibly grateful to have had this down time. Plus, there is the added component of having time to work on new music and new projects that have kept me going. I think we have got some exciting things lined up and I cannot wait for you guys to see what we have been up to!

Q\ How do you see electronic dance music evolving in India after 2020?

A\ Honestly, I think the most beautiful thing for me is that I see different artists finding their own unique sounds within the genre itself. I think that trend is only going to continue and I see that as being supremely beneficial to the growth of the space. Our hope has been to attract larger audiences to the style, and I think with the diversification of the sounds coming out of the country, we are definitely set to grow.