Quarantine comedy

Danish Sait, actor

Danish Sait, best known for his role in the Kannada sociopolitical satire Humble Politician Nograj, has been busier than usual during the lockdown. His fun take on quarantine worries and little joys of life have been grabbing eyeballs on YouTube. His ‘Conversations before and after Modiji’s 8pm speech’, uploaded on May 13, had more than 12,000 views in two days.

Q/What is your typical day like?

A/I wake up by 11. I call my mom the moment I am up and kick-start my day with three cups of black coffee. That gets my motor running. Then I play with Red, my cat, for a while. That’s how I warm up for work. Post brunch, I sit down and come up with an idea. I discuss my ideas with Vamsi, my friend, before shooting the video. And then I have some interviews or work conversations. By the time I realise I didn’t work out, the day is gone.

Q/You have managed to make quite a few videos during the lockdown. Tell us about your process.

A/I just use whatever is around me without troubling too many people. I shoot the videos on my phone and use iMovie to edit them. I think people like my videos because they find them relatable.

Q/Humble Politician Nograj has been the need of the hour. What does the movie mean to you?

A/Humble Politician Nograj is a fictional character who mirrors the image that I have of politicians in my head. The movie is a satirical take on politicians. Nograj has no qualms about the frauds he has committed. Neither does he care about saying things that probably run on people’s minds.... I had good fun working on the film. Its sequel is now being made in the form of a web series.

Q/Do people avoid you, fearing you will make jokes at their expense?

A/My friends, relatives and maid don’t mind it. I am truly blessed in many ways. I just did a video wherein I roll out the carpet and welcome my maid home. I think that is something people can easily relate to as everybody is waiting for their domestic help to come back.

Q/You had a troubled childhood and have opened up about how you battled depression. How did you make peace with your past?

A/I had two choices. I could either choose to cry and complain or get over it and move on. I didn’t want my past to dictate so much of my present and so I chose the latter. Accepting and understanding your problem is half the solution. That makes it easier to think your way out of it. So I have been to psychologists and psychiatrists and continue to take anti-anxiety tablets. That said, looking back, I have no regrets. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. My sister has been incredible in terms of her support.... People around me have been very kind. What more can I ask for?