Seeking to Unplug Try Digital Detox Retreat

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-By Dr Paras, Life-leadership Coach and Founder of Matrrix.

There is a very interesting tweet that states, “Machines are getting learning and humans are busy”. The bigger question is what are we so busy with? Is this busy nature a genuine circumstance or is it something that validates success?

Entrepreneurs are often considered heroes of the business world who are constantly ticking like a clock and getting things done. However, the vision of ‘Keep Going’ is akin to a race which is not worth the time and effort.

A lot of this on-the-go mode can be attributed to the constant connect with business and work that is enabled by digital platforms and devices. Though they are bringing people closer, they are also blurring the lines between the real world and the virtual scenario. The most affected by the digital invasion are entrepreneurs.

It is understandable that for entrepreneurs, their ventures are the product of their sweat and blood. While it is natural to be attached, it is pure unhealthy to let it take over and allow it to your personality.

The passion for one’s business coaxes them to enter the rat race where they are competing with everyone and everything. There is no pause button that can help these entrepreneurs take a breather.

There is a very interesting story that is quite similar to this futile race.

A man was trying to get over a compound wall and was very determined to snag this accomplishment. However, his shadow was ahead of him, gaining speed and agitating him to perform better. He put all his effort into taking the lead and managed to leave the shadow behind.

But now, he was plagued by another conundrum. What if the shadow decided to cheat and pulled him down? Eventually, he slowed down to let his shadow get on top again.

The entire ordeal is a classic example of running the blind race where the runners are not analysing their environment and just trying to get a lead because that’s what is expected of them.

By staying digital all the time, entrepreneurs are satisfied that by taking a break, they are not falling behind and pretty much, are in the game. This ruins two things:

1. The break: When there is a heavy-laden focus on work, there is no scope for a break to exist.

2. The work performance: The entrepreneurs are not in their element and by just dipping their toes in the water will not help them cross the ocean. Therefore, this half-abled attempt is no good either.

The issues lie in these entrepreneurs not being focused on their goal as they are busy running and proving themselves.

Digital Elements Affecting the Work-Life Harmony
Entrepreneurs are not living for themselves as they have a business to run, livelihoods to maintain and are constantly busy in abutting running ahead. So there is a syndrome of being better than others.

So how to detoxify? It is important to understand where entrepreneurs are resting in. Are their feet firmly cemented into the virtual or are they still in touch with reality. Prioritize how much time you want to spend in the present instead of the past and the future.

It is also important to stay out of the network. Avoid taking business calls during a vacation or family outings. They should also attend mindfulness retreat and instead of looking outside, into the world for answers to internal conundrums, should look into themselves and understand the parameter of what is right and wrong.

The Need for Speed
Digital elements are helping entrepreneurs make themselves available at all times, speeding up ahead the competitors. The idea was to be omnipresent and be there in times of need. However, it has become a tool for mandatory work which makes the ‘need for speed’ highly potent.

A digital detox retreat is perfect for those who are looking to get away from the beeps and the notifications but just can’t seem to turn it off. These allow entrepreneurs to have some time for themselves to connect with themselves, analyse their actions and also understand their means of interacting with the environment. How your beliefs and thinking patterns as an entrepreneur are can connect with the world?

The Connection

In order to understand the connection between your current activities and your long term goals, you must ask the following questions.

1. What do you want now?
2. What you can do to achieve the goal?
3. Is this your goal for sure?
4. How would you feel once you achieve the goal?
5. How do you think you can progress towards your goal?
6. What are your key takeaways from the above dialogue?

Understanding these questions and answering them for yourselves can make a world of a difference to help you understand whether you really need to be so deep into your work world.

It will help you make the decision to unplug and genuinely connect only in case you need it. Till then, these questions will help you keep a clear demarcation between the real world and the virtual world.

Welcome to the real world. Just Breathe.


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