mLeAP Capturing Technological Innovation in Legal Services

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• Ranchi based tech startup leverages AI capabilities
• breakthrough features: Bench Analysis, Case Research and Document Analysis
• Seed funding of 20 lakh from JSS STEP and Department of Science and Technologies

Ranchi, September 16, 2019: Transforming the face of Indian Legal Sector, mLeAP, an AI-enabled legal Analytics platform claims to reduce the legal research time by over 60%, making law analytics system efficient.

The platform is said to use AI and NLP technology, currently offering services to lawyers, law firms and law universities. It comprises of breakthrough features like Bench Analysis, Case Research and Document Analysis empowering legal professionals to get hassle-free results using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Talking about the development of AI in Legal Sector, Priyesh Raj, Founder, mleAP, said, "Legal Technology is a Multi-Billion Dollar market and Artificial Intelligence is going to change the way legal transactions happening in India. It is going to be the driving force in the legal sector in the next five years".

Founded in the year 2015, the platform has pioneered the next-gen legal research platforms in India. The Ranchi based tech startup leverages AI capabilities to unearth latent linkages between case laws, thereby making research more in-depth and comprehensive. Within six months of prototype launch, mLeAP has a user base of around 50 people, using the platform and providing continuous feedback.

Speaking on the same, Abhishek Verma, Founder, mLeAP, said, "AI is going to play the role of assistant, so any worry of replacing the manual work with it is uncalled for. It will be assisting lawyers and legal firms in delivering a better service to their clients, faster and cheaper".

According to the information, The project is recognised by Jharkhand Government under Jharkhand Government Start-up Policy 2016. mLeAp has been a part of smart 3000, NDTV; stood as a finalist in y4Biz, American Consulate Kolkata. Later receiving a seed funding from the Department of Science and Technologies Govt of India and seed investment of Rs. 20 Lakhs by JSS Step Business Incubator, Noida. The company further plans to extend it in B2C model within a year so that it can help people understand their cases in much open manner.

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