Genes2Me - For the First Time in the World Driving Innovation by Combining Genetic Testing With Full Body Checkup

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DELHI, February 18, 2019/PRNewswire/ --
In the crowded preventive health segment space, there are thousands of labs offering routine full body checkups. These packages claim to provide a 'preventive' health picture for all individuals. However, these checkups are merely a state of one's current parameters. In other words, a normal full body checkup report only provides information on some of the health parameters about today’s health and does not provide any insight about upcoming health issues which one could prevent while being healthy. This is one of the most important aspect for people doing a preventive health test in first place. Genes2Me, a diagnostic company with a focus on genetic testing, is trying to change this one size fits all approach to the preventive healthcare segment. For the first time in the world, Genes2Me lab is approaching preventive healthcare in a truly personalized manner. Genes2Me has coupled a full body checkup with a genetic test to provide insight about one's present and future health. These tests can tell an individual they could be at a much higher risk for developing deadly disorders later in their lifetime. The company aims to offer this information about one's health today so that they can take appropriate steps to secure a healthy future.

Keeping innovation at the forefront, Genes2Me has applied advanced genetic testing technologies into all areas of diagnostic testing in order to bring a change in the preventive healthcare market. Through its tests such as Genes2Fit, they provide a personalized genetic report which provides information about factors such as fitness and exercise, diet patterns, vitamin requirements, food reactions, and metabolism. The lab also provides a valuable matching diet tailor-made to an individual's genetic makeup. Genes2Me expert genetic counselors guide the customers through their report and provide an in-depth review of their genetic report. Genes2Health, one of the advanced tests, profiles an individual's risk to a multitude of lifestyle-related disorder such as certain cancers, diabetes, cardiac disorders, and arthritis. Genes2Fit and Genes2Health tests are also coupled with a routine full body checkup. Thus, by linking the present medical picture of an individual to his future health profile, Genes2me aims to provide an effective futuristic clinical solution. One of the tests, Med4Me, provides information about an individual's tolerance to certain medicines. This test can inform you about adverse reactions and the effectiveness of prescribed medicines. Armed with this information, an individual can bring out lifestyle changes which could reduce their risk of diseases and adverse reactions. With the inclusion of genetics in routine diagnosis and genetic counseling, Genes2Me offers an advanced and technologically driven solution at very cost-effective pricing.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, CEO, Genes2Me, emphasizes, "In India's regressive health delivery system, in which major health expenses on diagnostic testing are met by out-of-pocket spending, Genes2Me empowers individuals through comprehensive health data which is cost effective and clinically valuable. This approach has been designed to address a healthy today and nurture a healthier tomorrow."

Genes2Me's services empower an individual to take better control by providing a complete and futuristic perspective of their health. Its efficient and effective diagnostic solutions are a step towards the next level of diagnostics by harnessing the power of genetic testing. Genes2Me tests are truly preventive and personalized solutions for one's wellbeing.

About Genes2Me

With a mission to transform genetics for the billion, Genes2Me is an advanced diagnostic lab with an expertise in clinical and genetic diagnostics. Its bench translational approach is transforming the way genetics can help you make informed decisions through your very own genetic makeup. Having earned a trusted name in its core service segments i.e Mother and Child care, Personalized Health, and Oncology, the company aims at being a partner in life to each and every individual. Genes2Me aims to transform routine diagnostic to a truly personalized diagnostic service. Accuracy and reliability is what the company banks on. Genes2Me is an NABL accredited and ISO certified lab based in Gurgaon.

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