As AAP 'celebrates' doorstep delivery scheme, Kejriwal keeps close watch

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP ministers at the launch of the doorstep delivery scheme | PTI

With the Delhi government's unique and highly ambitious scheme of providing a number of services at the doorsteps of denizens appearing to have garnered immense traction, and the ruling Aam Aadmi Party dispensation expecting it to be a political game changer, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is directly monitoring the implementation of the project.

According to official figures, within a day of the launch of the Doorstep Delivery Services Scheme, a total of 13,783 calls were made by Delhi residents for availing facilities under the scheme. Out of these calls, 4,758 calls were answered by the call centre set up under the scheme, and the remaining were in the process of being called back. The total number of appointments fixed for different services to be availed by the callers was 654. The doorstep delivery team had visited 74 households till 5pm on Tuesday.

The doorstep delivery scheme was launched on September 10. On the first day, 2,728 calls were connected, and 1,286 were answered by 40 operators and 50 lines. The number of operators has been increased to 80, and the number of lines to 120.

Kejriwal, who is closely monitoring the implementation of the doorstep delivery scheme, chaired a review meeting on it on Tuesday. Kejriwal issued instructions that more operators and lines be added, so that the waiting period for citizens to get a response is reduced.

According to a spokesman for the Delhi government, the chief minister has asked the team handling the doorstep delivery scheme to keep him up to date on the developments with regard to its implementation. Kejriwal will be monitoring the data closely for any kind of curative steps to be taken as he is of the view that there would be some teething problems in the initial days.

Kejriwal has directed that no application can be rejected by any department without the approval of the minister in charge. Kejriwal also issued a direction that all cases that are delayed must be reported to him on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party has already got into action to publicise the doorstep delivery scheme as a big achievement and has launched an outreach programme to project it as a step that has not only eliminated the need for the denizens to go to government offices and stand in long queues but has also done away with touts and middlemen.

The doorstep delivery scheme entails providing as many as 40 services offered by seven departments of the Delhi government at the doorstep of the residents. The services include caste certificate, domicile certificate, delayed birth order, delayed death order, disability certificate, surviving member certificate, registration of marriage, duplicate RC certificate, handicap pension scheme, old age pension scheme and driving licence.

A Delhi resident has to dial 1076 and place a request for the service required, following which a mobile sahayak will visit the applicant's home to register the application and scan the documents needed. The applicant will be charged Rs 50 for the service, and delivery of the certificate applied for will be ensured within the stipulated time-frame, either by post or through the mobile sahayak.