Sarah Jessica Parker finds 'Sex and the City' 'tone deaf' now

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of Sex and the City films and TV show, believes the popular HBO show feels "tone deaf" now as it lacks diversity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 53-year-old actor, who is attending the Deauville Film Festival where her new film Here and Now premieres, was asked about the show which completed its 20th anniversary recently.

"You couldn't make it today because of the lack of diversity on screen. I personally think it would feel bizarre," Parker said.

The actor also dismissed the suggestion that the show should be rebooted with a new diverse cast. "I don't know that you could do it with a different cast. I think that's radical and interesting, but you can't pretend it's the same. It wouldn't be a reboot as I understand it," she said.

"If you came back and did six episodes, you'd have to acknowledge the city is not hospitable to those same ideas. You'd look like you were generationally removed from reality, but it would be certainly interesting to see four diverse women experiencing NYC their way... It would be interesting and very worthwhile exploring, but it couldn't be the same," she added.