Jobsgaar making people 'WalkToWork' in tier 2/3 towns of Bharat

When it comes to the job hunt in tier 2/3 towns of Bharat, jobseekers have a traditional view of what it takes to find a new position: an individual searches for available openings, sends in a resume, and waits for an interview. On the other hand, Companies & businesses have been relying upon the traditional hiring methods that include resume databases or marketplace models which are outdated now.

 In the last couple of decades, in the recruitment space despite the massive & internet penetration, technology has played a minimal role in making digital databases for the workforce & employers. While AI/ML has become the most compelling driver of innovation in decades, the recruitment space is still struggling with converting the huge amounts of data into valuable information; uncovering insights and patterns undiscoverable by human operators and smart computers alone.

 Jobsgaar - a career-tech platform is disrupting decade-old marketplaces or search-and-browse models for recruiters and job seekers. With its omnichannel approach and proprietary technology, Jobsgaar helps employers to find perfectly matched and verified talent in Tier II and III towns in less than two minutes. On the other hand, the deeptech enabled solution helps jobseekers to find jobs in their native places, without searching. Jobsgaar is also the first Indian startup to have an Indo-Israeli founding team (Israeli CTO & Co-Founder).

 The company enables access to various digital inclusions for recruiters and job seekers through its innovative tech solutions and a chatbot on WhatsApp. It also rolled out its android application for job seekers, which is running a pilot in top districts of Uttar Pradesh. The platform aims at connecting job seekers and employers from Tier II and III towns of India through a hassle-free process.

 Don't search, just find™

 Digital platforms are increasingly helping connect job seekers—from informal workers to highly skilled professionals—to suitable job opportunities. However, the job seekers in tier 2/3 markets have mostly relied upon word of mouth or local consultancies to help them find a job. With smartphones & internet accessibility, job seekers also started spending a lot of time browsing & searching for jobs across the platforms. The uneven traffic distribution caused by the search &based model has further put pressure on the local recruiters as the jobs are visible to everyone & anyone can apply for any job.

 The brand driven by tech innovation & its proprietary matchmaking ensures that job seekers don't waste time browsing for jobs or applying for irrelevant job opportunities. On the other hand, the system ensures that the employers/recruiters aren't overburdened with the profiles of irrelevant candidates & they are able to close the hiring soon.

 Serving the underserved - The jobseekers in Bharat

 Noida-based Jobsgaar The brand focuses on bridging the jobseekers with WalkToWork™ opportunities in order to create an impact on inter-state migration. The startup is driven by technology innovation, and its proprietary matchmaking ensures that job seekers don’t waste time browsing for jobs or applying for irrelevant job opportunities.

 "Presently, the company is focusing on 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh. We’ll be expanding to other Hindi-speaking states soon. They are building a ‘Bharat-First’ solution with global standards. We also have plans to take this solution outside India in years to come." says AtulPratap Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, Jobsgaar.

 Jobsgaar's main audience ranges between the ages of 18 and 45 years across genders and can be skilled, semi-skilled, or have no skills. The salary expectations range from Rs 5,000-to 40,000 per month.

 "The app is designed to make it easy for you to find a job you’ll love — and manage your entire job search in one place. You can search for remote or on-site jobs, and apply for permanent, contract, and contract-to-hire positions directly from the free app. And you’ll receive personalized job recommendations based on your experience and other preferences", added Atul.

 Jobsgaar aims to help workers gain employment based on their skill set and location. It connects laborers with companies/MSMEs across many sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, hotels, and transportation.

 On the tech front, the deep tech company Driven by innovation & insights, claims to have 'First and Fastest'™ in its DNA. Moshe Jacob, Co-Founder, CTO at Jobsgaar says, "Jobsgaar is a great tool for job seekers. Candidates far too often take themselves out of consideration too early. This tool helps build confidence and alleviate gaps in the application process. It helps demystifies the job application process in an actionable way".

 In addition, because the consumption of video platforms is significant in rural areas, Jobsgaar has created a mechanism where people can post video resumes on the portal. Going forward, it will focus on regional languages and underrepresented communities.

 The transformation continues

 Post covid, the businesses & workforce both have been searching for opportunities in tier 2/3 towns. While for the businesses, the tier 2/3 towns are an enticing opportunity due to low operational & infra cost, the talent pool acts as icing on the cake. For job seekers, on the other hand, Walk to work job opportunities will ensure that they will not have to travel 1000s of km. in search of a job & they can earn a dignified life while staying closer to their family.

 "We are living in a world dominated by speed and efficiency, so why should we expect our job seekers and hiring managers to be any different? Gone are the days of months-long hiring processes spent weeding out irrelevant job positions, spending hours on a single application, and struggling to schedule interviews. We are building an array of tech solutions to help employers in tier 2/3 towns to support higher recruitment efficiency and thus, driving rapid business growth." added Moshe.