What is causing this Stock Market Educational Services Company to spread like wildfire? | MoneyBall Trading

MoneyBall Trading is training beginners, intermediates and pros in stock trading

 Even with a population of 1.35 Billion, only around 2% of the total population actively trades in India. To join the rapidly increasing number of active traders, a compendious and accurate source of learning is essential. Fortunately, startups are making an appearance in the educational trading sector. One extraordinarily reliable source making the rounds is MoneyBall Services LLP, popularly known as MoneyBall Trading, an educational service company dedicated to training beginners, intermediates and pros in stock market/ Day trading.

The idea was originally conceived in the year 2018 by the founders Amaan Hamdani (25), Hrishita Gupta (20) and Akshay Mantri (24) . The astonishingly young and profusely talented founders began this venture with the aim to build a community of traders and investors who understand the real crux of the Stock Market in India and make real profits, establishing themselves as independent and financially responsible.

They have gained a notable amount of dedicated followers on their social media and members who are committed to learning through the online stock market/ Day Trading courses offered by one of the fastest growing businesses.

The Company offers two elaborate Stock Trading courses. First, is their 7 Day Stock Market Bootcamp www.amaanhamdani.com, a course that any candidate willing to step into the trading world can take up in order to master the skill. Second, is their Elite membership course that encapsulates more sophisticated theories and methods of day trading. Learning before putting money on the line sounds like a smart move and people are employing this method now more than ever.

Moneyball Trading www.moneyballtrading.net has trained over 3000 individuals in the past one year, since it’s online launch. The interactive online trading courses give beginners an opportunity to learn by asking questions and building the courage to take the right risks.

“95% people lose money in the stock market, Choose to be the remaining 5%.”

An in-depth technical analysis of the market is key to becoming a pro trader. The guidance one would need to develop this skill is not in indicators, calls or tips.

An overview of the Big Bulls from the IT Hub, Bengaluru can be seen through the various reviews and testimonials provided by their numerous mentees who’ve had the Money Ball experience. Their extensive and practical based knowledge helps them to stand out and provide their clients with something more than just text book learning.

In the age of frauds and scams, MoneyBall Trading seems to be the knight in shining armour for people looking to get into the day trading business. At 555 INR, their 7 Day Stock Market Bootcamp is giving all their competitors a run for their money and, to the potential Day Trader, quality education to hone their skills.

The company is growing at a steady pace and gaining recognition from the right audience for a cause. The goal is to spread knowledge for people to understand the importance and scope of trading in India and, they have been working diligently to achieve it. It’s safe to say that the company is doing a revolutionary job and is already on it’s path to changing people’s perspective on the stock market in its entirety.