A collective NO

    "Elimination of net neutrality would have extremely damaging effects in the long run."

An Open Letter to TRAI on net neutrality

Dear TRAI,
We were asked to respond within a month's time whether we, the people of India, supported the move for differential pricing on internet-based services, thereby eliminating net neutrality. I do not understand why such a suffocating decision is being considered, as its implementation would have extremely damaging effects in the long run. First, we pay more, second, slow internet connectivity, third, discouraging new web identities, and fourth, the most grotesque one, pigeonholing our intellectual web matter.

The first three immediate effects do bother me, of course, but the last one disturbs me the most. As a person who grew up using multiple websites and internet platforms to enrich and shape my knowledge and opinions, I believe your move to chain me into using a few websites is a threat to my freedom of expression. I cannot access new distinct content, and also, any content generated by me would be sidelined. I hope India's voice comes out loud and clear as a big NO.

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