Tendulkar praises specially-abled, visually impaired athletes
    Nagpur, Jan 12 (PTI)Cricket icon and Bharat Ratna
Sachin Tendulkar Saturday said specially-abled and visually
impaired athletes were the greatest examples of those making
the impossible possible.
    Tendulkar was addressing a gathering at the 'Khasdar
Krida Mahotsav' initiative of Union minister Nitin Gadkari in
    Tendulkar,citing an example of the 1990s when he
participated in a cricket match for the visually impaired,
said he tried playing with his eyes closed.
    "A lot of times, we say it is impossible but the word
impossible also says that 'I'm possible'. Specially-abled and
visually impaired athletes are the greatest examples of this,"
he said.
    "And this we realise when we spend time with these
athletes. How much skill they have and how nicely their senses
work and how much we can learn from them," he added.
    Tendulkar said one should appreciate and value what he
or she had and progress in that.
    Praising Gadkari for the initiative, Tendulkar said
"success is never guaranteed" and added that one needed mental
preparation for it, though even then the result is sometimes
not what one wanted.
    "But that should not become a reason for taking short
cuts. I want to tell athletes to focus on preparation because
you will face ups and downs in life and things will not go the
way you wanted," he said.
    "Sometimes the referee's decision is in your favour
and sometimes it goes against you. But when the decision goes
against you, you should accept it sportingly. And prepare your
heart on how you you will compete in the fairest possible way
in future," he said. PTI CLS