Elderly UAE woman with rare breast disorder undergoes successful surgery at Delhi hospital

    New Delhi, Apr 27 (PTI) A 60-year-old UAE woman suffering from gigantomastia, a rare disorder that causes breasts to grow excessively large affecting normal life, got a reprieve from her three-decade-long agony following a successful surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here.
    Due to the condition, the woman suffered from severe backache, pain in the neck, difficulty in walking, excessive pressure on the shoulder due to bra straps, and rashes underneath her breasts, the hospital said in a statement.
    "Gigantomastia is a very rare disorder. Only a couple hundred cases have been reported in the medical literature. Most of the time it occurs spontaneously or due to overtly sensitive breast tissues to the hormones.
    "At times, after pregnancy, breasts don't revert to the normal size," said Dr Rajeev B Ahuja a senior consultant in the hospital's department of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
    The woman came to the hospital about two months ago and consulted Dr Ahuja, the hospital said.
    "I was shocked when I examined the patient, she had extremely large breasts, extending up to two inches below the navel. It was the root cause of all her symptoms leading to extremely poor quality of life," Dr Ahuja said.
    In most of these cases, the standard surgery involves a partial amputation of the breast with free areola grafting which is not aesthetically pleasing even if it reduces the load on the chest, he said.
    "In this case, our team decided to do the breast reduction by a standard technique used for large breasts but not recommended for gigantomastia. This is because the technique of inferior pedicle reduction can lead to discolouration of the nipple/areola complex if applied to such huge breasts," the doctor said.
    During the five-and-half-hours-long surgery, 1.3 kg of breast tissue on the left side and 1.4 kg of tissue on the right side were removed. The surgery was successful and the post-surgery period was smooth and uneventful, Dr Ahuja said.
    A very pleasant aesthetic look was achieved and the patient was discharged three days after surgery, the hospital added. PTI GVS RDT NSD

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