Give information about drugs get cash reward Gujarat govt

Ahmedabad, Oct 13 (PTI) The Gujarat government on Wednesday came out with a generous reward scheme to curb the drug menace under which informers, be it government officials or private individuals, will be given cash amount up to 20 per cent of the seized value of banned narcotics substances.
The moves comes at a time when Gujarat has emerged as an entry point for drugs smuggled from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran due to its long coastline.
Last month, 2,988.21 kg of heroin, having a market value of Rs 21,000 crore, was seized from the Mundra Port in Kutch district.

“We have to finish the network of drug suppliers and peddlers or else it can ruin vulnerable youth. The scheme was in discussion for some time and the state government on Wednesday decided to implement it,” Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghavi told reporters.

“The reward for informers on whose tip narcotics are seized, be it from any government department or from public, will be up to 20 per cent of the value of seized drugs which are listed under the NDPS Act,” he said.
Sanghavi said the reward amount will be given as ex-gratia and will be decided by competent state authorities.

For government servants, the upper limit of this reward during their entire service tenure will be Rs 20 lakh, while in a single case the highest amount that can be paid to individual personnel or officer will be up to Rs 2 lakh, he said.
Government servants will not be rewarded if they have played a role in the contraband seizure as part of their duties. Only those who have taken extra risks will be given the reward, as per scheme rules.

“Drug menace will weaken our society and it is important for youths to remain away from it. Drugs may give a temporary high feeling but in the long run it causes irreversible damage to our body. Youths should inform the police and the state home department if they know the place where drugs are being sold,” he said. PTI PD

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