No Indian will be left out: Smriti Irani on NRC
    (With additional inputs)
    Kolkata, Sep 10 (PTI) Union Minister Smriti Irani on
Tuesday hit out at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
for her opposition to NRC, saying that the BJP-led government
at the Centre is committed to protecting the rights of each
and every citizen of the country.
    The illegal infiltrators will be dealt with as per
law and the constitution, she asserted.
    "No Indian will be left out... we are dedicated
towards protecting the rights of the citizens of the country,"
the union minister said on NRC.
    Irani criticised the ruling Trinamool Congress in the
state for political violence and corruption and said the cut
money controversy is an example of its corrupt government.
    "The fact that TMC has ordered to return the cut money
taken by their party leaders from masses who availed
government schemes, is a blatant example of the corruption in
the TMC government. Those who have raised their voices against
cut money and have sought their money back are now being raped
and murdered," Irani said.
    A woman from Moynaguri in Jalpaiguri district who had
demanded the refund of the cut money given by her was
gangraped by alleged TMC leaders.
    Banerjee's opposition to policies of the central
government are well known to the people, she said.
    "The belligerent stand taken by Mamata Banerjee is
preventing the people of the state from availing benefits
provided by the central government, that could have reached
farmers, women and children.
    "Establishment of industries have been stalled
by the West Bengal government ... The Lok Sabha election
results in West Bengal has shown that people of the state want
change," Irani, who is union cabinet minister for textiles and
women and child development, said.
    BJP won 18 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state,
just four less than TMC in the Lok Sabha polls.
    Referring to Banerjee's opposition to bank mergers and
her letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it would cause
job losses, Irani said Union Finance Minister Nirmala
Sitharaman has articulated that not a single job will be lost
because of the merger.
    The fact that Chief Minister of Bengal has taken
positions against the Centre is nothing new for the people of
    "In fact when it comes to the issue of illegal
immigrants in Bengal she held a different position in August
2005 when she hurled papers at the Lok Sabha deputy speaker as
a mark of protest against the inclusion of names of illegal
immigrants in the voter list of Bengal.
    "So the dichotomy in her stand is not a new thing,"
she said and hit out at Banerjee for her opposition to the
    Referring to Trinamool Congress leadership hitting the
streets in West Bengal over NRC in Assam, Irani said the Union
Home Minister Amit Shah has already assured the citizens of
the country that no citizens will be left out.
    "This stand by TMC also reflects its dichotomy as it
was Banerjee (then a Congress leader) who had in 1993 during
the Left Front regime held a rally to support "No identity
card No vote" that led to the killing of 13 Congress
activists. So when the Bengal CM marches with the Left, will
she forget the martyrdom of those dead activists," Irani said.
    She was commenting on the resolution passed in West
Bengal assembly last week against NRC jointly by TMC, the Left
Front and the Congress.
    Speaking on Jammu and Kashmir post abolition of
Article 370 in the valley, Irani said the resolve of the
Indian people and Parliament were seen in the Lok Sabha.
    "Not a single bullet has been fired since the
abolition of Article 370 ... We will defeat the nefarious
intervention of Pakistan in Kashmir," she said.
    Irani, who was in the city to address a press
conference on 100 days of the Modi 2 government, lauded its
achievements and said it is a government which has taken
bold initiatives and decisive decisions for the overall
development of the country. PTI PNT KK

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