Being diverse a good thing being divisive not Shah Rukh Khan on his idea of India

     New Delhi, Apr 22 (PTI) Congress leader and documentary film-maker Yasmin Kidwai Monday shared a video clip in which superstar Shah Rukh Khan is speaking on the idea of India comparing the country's diverse culture to a beautiful painting where all the colours coexist in harmony.
     In the 29-second clip, a part of Kidwai's documentary 'Filmisthaan-The Euphoric state of Bollywood on India & our intrinsic pluralistic culture', Khan says, "Being diverse is a good thing, being divisive is not. Like art has no religion, I think our country has no religion, and all of them amalgamated together."
     The actor speaks about how there are 1,600 languages and dialects in
the country, which change every 10 or 15 kilometres and how hundreds
of religions coexist.
     "India is a beautiful painting and all colours just enhance each other. You take away one colour or start saying this colour is better than the other, I think the painting is not a painting anymore," the actor says.
     Tweeting the video clip, which has subsequently gone viral on social media, Kidwai said she spoke to Khan for her documentary film.
     The video was also shared by the official handle of the Congress Party, which tweeted, "@iamsrk echoes what the Congress Party has been saying for many years now. India is one nation, made glorious by its diversity."
     On Monday, the actor also posted a rap video to encourage people to cast their vote after Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to celebrities to encourage people to exercise their franchise. PTI BK SMN