EPIC Channel to release film about Mumbai wetlands on Feb 2

    Mumbai, Jan 29 (PTI) EPIC Channel has announced that it will be unveiling a film dedicated to the dynamic and symbiotic nature of Mumbai's wetlands.
    The film will debut on the channel on February 2, which is celebrated every year as World Wetlands Day.
    Titled "Wetlands - Miracles in Mumbai", the 40-minute-long movie will highlight the importance of wetlands in India's financial capital and how they play a major role in combating the climate change crisis.
    The movie will also feature conversation with experts who talk about the role, relevance, and necessity of conserving wetlands.
    "Mumbai is always spoken of as the 'maximum city' and a 'concrete jungle', but few people are aware that it provides diverse habitats to hundreds of migratory birds and aquatic creatures even in congested areas like Andheri and Powai.
    "'Wetlands - Miracles in Mumbai' will capture the complexity between this city and its surrounding ecosystem, with a never seen before view of Mumbai's most valuable real-estate – it's wetlands," Tasneem Lokhandwala, Head of Content & Programming at EPIC Channel, said in a statement.
    "Wetlands - Miracles in Mumbai" will telecast on EPIC Channel at 1 pm, 4 pm and 8:30 pm on February 2. PTI RB RB

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