Kher has distinct worldview I respect that Mahesh Bhatt on different idealogies

    Mumbai, Nov 8 (PTI) Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says his and actor Anupam Kher's political ideologies may differ but that hasn't come in between their friendship.
    Kher had made his debut in Bhatt's 1984 directorial "Saaransh" and the duo have been friends ever since. Both, however, share a different political ideology, often even coming to loggerheads with each other on TV debates.
    When asked about it, Bhatt told reporters, "I'd like you to keep wondering, what is it that keeps us together irrespective of our totally different political idealogies. I remember there was a TV interview before 2014 elections, where the anchor tried to pitch us together and he (Kher) took me on and disagreed with me. But that's what Anupam Kher is."
    Bhatt said the 64-year-old actor has the "power and the audacity" to "tear him to bits".
    "I think that's my success that I do not inhibit him in anyway. That's what free societies and homes are. Love is not dependent on the diverse views that you may have, why can't we live under that sky where we may disagree vehemently but retain the elemental love and affection that is essential for the survival of the human race."
    The director was speaking at the launch of Kher's autobiography "Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly".
    Kher said he has huge respect for the filmmaker.
    "There's a line in my play. If life is a battlefield of Kurukshetra, and I am the questioning Arjun, Mahesh Bhatt is my Krishna. It'll always stay like this. I'll say this line till the end with all my heart," he added. PTI JUR SHD BK

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