HidocDr. Unveils Revolutionary Medical Chatbot–HidocMedibot

HidocDr., the leading doctor-education platform, is set to revolutionize the medical field with the launch of HidocMedibot on June 14th, 2023. This ground breaking chatbot is poised to become the world's first medical chatbot, providing doctors and healthcare professionals with a unique and convenient tool for accessing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes.

With over 2.6 million doctors worldwide regularly consuming their content, HidocDr. has become the go-to platform for medical professionals seeking valuable resources. However, with thousands of articles and an abundance of information, finding specific content and obtaining answers to medical queries can be a daunting task. Recognizing this challenge, HidocDr. has developed the innovative Medical Chatbot.

The HidocMedibot is a customized bot equipped with comprehensive medical knowledge. It offers prompt responses to medical-related queries and has direct access to all the content available on the Hidoc platform. Instead of manually searching for desired information, doctors can simply ask the chatbot, which will provide precise answers and even share relevant references. Additionally, the chatbot can assist users in finding suitable contacts for seeking expert opinions, further enhancing the user experience.

"Our mission is to serve doctors in the most unique and easiest way possible," said Varun Gadia, Co-founder and COO of HidocDr."We understand the challenges doctors face in accessing medical information efficiently, and that's why we have developed the HidocMedibot. This chatbot will be a game-changer, working as a decision support tool and virtual assistant, ultimately improving patient outcomes."

The HidocMedibot promises to enhance the user experience by providing an effective way to search for specific topics. Furthermore, it is expected to significantly improve the platform's efficiency. Initially, the launch will feature the Beta version of the chatbot, which includes more than 1000 articles, comprising over 1.1 million words. However, HidocDr. has ambitious plans to scale up the chatbot to include more than 11 million articles by 2024. Looking ahead, the platform aims to develop specialization-specific chatbots to provide a hassle-free experience tailored to users' needs.

To build the Medical Chatbot, HidocDr. has utilized the power of myaskAI, a chatbot-building platform that allows businesses to train AI models using their organizational data. myaskAI seamlessly integrates user-fed content, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience. With the success of the Beta version, HidocDr. will be able to offer customized chatbots to their valuable clients through an easy setup process.

The launch of the HidocMedibot marks a groundbreaking achievement in medical education and knowledge dissemination among doctors and healthcare professionals globally. HidocDr.'s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance medical learning and provide valuable support to doctors is evident in this revolutionary attempt.

About HidocDr.:

HidocDr. is a leading doctor-education platform that provides free access to a wealth of medical resources for doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. With millions of users and a vast collection of articles, news, quizzes, webinars, and more, HidocDr. is dedicated to empowering medical professionals and improving patient outcomes through innovative solutions.

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