Rummy Passion is All Set For Tokenisation Before the September Deadline

PANCHKULA, India, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Customers need safety and security in a variety of retail environments. Building trust and connection with clients begins with keeping their personal information secure, especially in this day and age when digital frauds directly affect the economy.

Passion Gaming, a market leader with real money online games like Rummy Passion, has always been on the cutting edge of technological and digital advancements.

The recent streak of advancements includes the adherence to the tokenisation mandate by RBI. Passion Gaming's Rummy Passion abided by RBI's card tokenisation directive and rolled forward with the required prerequisites from March 2022.

Tokenisation is the process of replacing a sensitive identifier(actual card details) with a unique code called a 'token'. The token is a unique 16-digit code that represents a card. A token requestor and a registered device are two other essential components.

Due to various assertions, the deadline for storing CoF (Card on File) data has been extended to September 30, 2022.

Tokenisation substitutes with a non-sensitive alternative (i.e., "token") with no extrinsic or exploitable value or meaning. These tokens represent a user in a database or during transactions such as authentication as identifiers or PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

Efficient methods such as randomisation or a hashing algorithm transfer the original data to a token. It makes reversing tokens impossible without access to the tokenisation mechanism.

This means that the number of systems that have access to the original card data will be drastically decreased, and as a result, the risk of fraud should also be significantly reduced.

This can help protect privacy by ensuring that only tokens are exposed or stored during a transaction rather than a permanent identification number or other PII. In addition- where different tokens in different databases represent the same person- tokenisation can limit the propagation of a single identifier (e.g., a unique ID number). This can help minimise the possibility to link a user's data across databases, which would have posed a privacy concern and raised the likelihood of fraud.

Following the directives, all debit and credit cards for new players at Rummy Passion will be tokenised from August 2022. Saved cards of the existing players will also be tokenised after taking their consent.

Rummy Passion will generate a token for a player's card to the payment gateway as a merchant site and app. The payment gateway will forward this token to the issuer's bank. The issuer bank identifies the generated token of the card owned by the player.

With the thorough implementation of tokenisation, gateways won't be able to save card data and have tokens for future transactions. This will surely act as an added security layer and help prevent the odds of fraudulent activities.

This added security for players will be a cherry on the cake for an already safe and popular platform such as Rummy Passion.

About Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion , owned and operated by Passion Gaming, ranks as one of India's best Rummy apps. The Online Rummy platform can be accessed on Android and iOS devices, along with the web platform. It's an internationally certified Rummy game, with state-of-the-art security features, has over 60 lakh players competing for real cash.

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