Manipal Hospital Sarjapur organized a Neighborhood Connect Program 'Empower Together' emphasizing on new innovations in the treatment of women's health issues

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BENGALURU, India, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Manipal Hospital Sarjapur, known for its multi-specialty treatment, organized a Neighborhood Connect Program themed 'Her Health, Our Care Empowering Women's Health', on June 25, 2022 in Bengaluru.

The conference was aimed at empowering, educating, and supporting women and communities with knowledge about cancer prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship.

It was an effort to enable women to take charge of their health and was organized under the Neighborhood Connect Program, 'Empower Together'. The conference revolved around topics supporting women and communities with knowledge on women's reproductive health issues and early detection of cancer.

The highlight of the event was the experiences shared by the patients who narrated their treatment journey.

One of the patient's son recounted how his mother's life came to a standstill, once diagnosed with breast cancer. But the family hoped for her recovery all the way throughout her treatment until the day of surgery. It was the relentless pursuit for survival and support from Dr. Rahul Kanaka, Consultant – Surgical Oncology and the hospital staff that finally culminated into her recovery. He was quite emotional as he spoke about the pain his mother had gone through and mentioned that his mother became more mentally prepared as the treatment progressed. Though due to the surgery the cancerous breast has been removed, the smooth process of the surgery, and support from the caregivers improved her vision towards life. She was diagnosed with 2nd stage of breast cancer but after the surgery she is keeping totally fine and recovering accordingly.

Another patient, Mrs. Mudra Gotan, spoke about her journey of survival, especially while taking care of her family single-handedly, and expressed gratitude towards Dr. Beena Jeysingh, Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology and team. She was extremely satisfied with the smooth recovery process at the hospital. She repeatedly emphasized upon the importance of regular screening for early detection and shared her own experience of ignoring all such opportunities that came her way before she was finally detected with breast cancer. She is the only one to take care of her family, during the treatment process and the surgery, the support of the caregivers and the doctors impressed her immensely. Along with that she has mentioned a very crucial part where she felt the importance of health insurance. Though she is a working professional and the organization bore the expenses, according to her, investing money in healthcare terms is really important and everyone should follow that.

The third patient, Mrs. Naina, expressed her learning experiences throughout her recovery journey, while again managing her family all by herself throughout. She talked about the four stages of her recovery process starting from Chemotherapy to final stage of Immunotherapy. She advised all the patients to be positive during their healing journey and to be surrounded by people who motivate them. She remembered how she purposefully chose different ways to motivate herself during her recovery process.

The conference began with a welcome note by Dr. Suja V, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur, and was followed by an in-depth discussion by eminent experts on topics that included genetic aspects and Latest advances in medical management of cancer, Breast cancer incidence, signs and symptoms and screening, Surgical Aspects and latest advances in the medical management of breast cancer, post-menopausal bleeding evaluation and treatment, Screening on cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, Recent advances in Surgical management of Gynecological Cancer, and Lifestyle & Cancer by our expert panel of doctors including Dr. Nitin Yashas Murthy, Consultant – Medical Oncology & Haemato-Oncology, Dr. Jyotikala, Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Rahul Kanaka, Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Dr. Meena Muthaih, Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Beena Jeysingh, Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Baswant Rao Malipatil, Consultant – Medical Oncology, and Dr. Rohit Kumar C, Consultant – Surgical Oncology.

Important Note:

At Manipal Hospitals, we are committed to doing our best to help in empowering women and keep them safe from cancer, and one of the ways is to enable them to detect cancer at the earliest of stages, so that they can be treated early.

We also believe that every woman deserves the best treatment. And to ensure that we reach out to every woman in our vicinity in a hustling city like Bengaluru, in a faster and cost effective manner. Mainly we have organized this particular conference to ensure these women can share their experiences and motivate others who belongs to the same journey.

Calling out to all our pink warriors, take your health in your own hands. Get screened for cancer, live a healthy, peaceful, and cancer-free life, this is all everyone needs to look forward to.



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