ControlZ brings the world’s first Renewed smartphone with 18 months warranty

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“As Good As New”, renewed by ControlZ is backed by industry-leading warranty assurance of 18 months

New Delhi, 14 May 2022– With a recently done successful social media campaign wherein the brand ControlZ created a significant need for environmental consciousness by increasing the lifecycle of a smartphone, today marked the launch of the much-awaited renewed phone. ControlZ is set to be World’s first company to sell only as good as a new phone in the preowned market to its customers, hence creating a new category called RENEWED that is far better than a Refurbished phone in terms of quality and performance.

Yug Bhatia a smart young entrepreneur embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey by launching the world's first Renewed phone by making an old device aspirational. ControlZ is meeting customers’ aspirations by creating a product that customers can experience innovative, functional, and effective 'like new' smart devices at the best possible price.

ControlZ’s Renewed device is “As Good As New ' and is backed with industry-leading warranty assurance of 18 months, unlike a new phone that extends a warranty of a maximum of 12 months. With their unique industrial know-how, ControlZ’s devices come with 100% battery health, renewed outer shell, 200 points Full functional testing, High-quality component replacements (if necessary), a thorough cleaning and the original Operating System or a more recent version.

Commenting on the same, Mr Yug Bhatia, Founder & CEO, ControlZ, stated, “We are glad to have introduced sustainable technology in the smartphone category. With this, we would like to change not only the perception of a customer towards a pre-owned phone but also for all old things which are otherwise thought of as a waste ,.”

ControlZ’s phone is just like a new phone that is completely scratch and dent free and that gives a different pleasure to an end customer who now owns an upgraded phone.

The brand’s vision is to inspire conscious consumption. Yug Bhatia’s unique mission of launching a renewed smartphone came into existence while he realised that a smartphone can be used for over 5 years but are instead used only for 18 months. With such a strong vision, he aims to set an edge of authentication in a highly unorganised market by changing the mindset of the tech users forever.

A typical phone weighs around 160 grams. It contains a lot of components, made up of different materials. The components are produced with materials that are processed from ores that are mined. While that 160-gram phone requires about 30kg of the earth to be mined to make its components, the mined ores when processed create around 85kg of solid and liquid waste. It constitutes 99.8% waste even before the phone has even been started to use.

Yug Bhatia confirmed, “ControlZ is an upcoming disruptor in the smartphone industry. Our vision is to inspire conscious consumption by making an old device aspirational. We are glad to be the first one in the industry to develop unique industrial know-how in India, to Renew old devices and make them as good as new. He further stated, “I am hopeful that with our effort, we would be able to bring a macro-level change and bring acceptance to the Renewed phone just like a new phone.”

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