FarmERP Captures Data to aid smoother functioning of Farms and Efficiently Resolves Farming Problems

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MUMBAI, India, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- FarmERP is a future-ready Enterprise-Resource Management software platform designed by the co-founders of Shivrai Technologies. It is known to help manage farms and farmlands seamlessly and efficiently. Farm Gyaan on the other side has offerings based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, Pest Identification, Satellite Imagery, and so on, and together these help manage farms in the most efficient and sustainable manner with the help of data that is captured by these technologies.

Data Capturing and Data Management both are advantageous practices that every industry requires. Every sphere of an industry worldwide is developing towards adapting to modern advancements in order to result in an improved efficiency, better sustainability, and the highest possible quality of the final outcome, be it a product or a service.

Capturing Business data helps in boosting the overall efficiency of a farm, improves the decision-making process of the enterprises while also making the decisions more accurate and comparatively in a lesser time.

FarmERP facilitates the provision of every service that is required by an agri-business in the full circle from start to end. From accounting for the most minute expenses to executing the largest orders, all the data are recorded and organized in a very systematic form for the ultimate calculations to be accurate.

Accuracy also means a substantial increase in the potential ability to take necessary as well as efficient actions on time that in turn also signifies the possibility of reduction in the wastage of resources. It aids the accounting of every transaction that takes place to eliminate the possibility of loopholes or mismanagement and also enables the possibility of farmers bearing the bare minimum loss.

Having a well-organized record of all activity facilitates the farmers to produce a better quality yield. A well-managed and an organized structure can influence the right decisions to be taken at every step of the way, making certain that every arrow pulled has a relatively greater chance of capturing the bull's eye.

However, the harsh reality shall bring to our notice that farmers struggle every day to confront unprecedented challenges like weather, soil, quality, number of crops, accounts, loans, finance amongst many more others.

This is where FarmERP comes into frame to try and aid the smoother functioning of farms by helping farmers resolve their farming problems effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly.

Additionally, many farmers face hurdles in the financial aspect of business and as the yield quality keeps fluctuating; it also affects the money it makes. With the inculcation of an Enterprise-Resource Planning software like FarmERP, the chance of fluctuation in the quality is minimized as per practical possibilities, hence, stabilizing the income of farmers.

Loans and transactions are also problems that FarmERP helps farmers to resolve. This aspect of the software makes sure to eliminate the possibility of exploitation of the farming families.

FarmERP's enhanced software holds in place the existence of an intelligent layer that not only records business information, but also processes it.

The captured data is processed through in-built Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This advancement in software effortlessly eases the procedures for businesses and drives them towards making better decisions that are backed by scientific logic.

Therefore, it helps make the process more effective and accurate.

Enterprise-Resource Planning does not only pertain to large-scale businesses, in fact, it is required by all businesses at all scales. The software offers options that are most suitable to particular needs and deliver expected efficiency.

In today's world, with the graph of resources depleting day by day, wisely planning them is crucial. It not only reduces wastage, but also encourages sustainable methods of business as well as life.

Hence, FarmERP can be the strongest weapon that the Agriculture Industry can deploy to evolve at the highest level of optimization.

About FarmERP

FarmERP was co-founded by Sanjay Borkar and Santosh Shinde. It is a B2B future-ready platform devised for farm management through multiple layers of technology. To find out more, visit


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