A Step Towards an Inward Journey with - I Wanna Grow Up Once Again

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As kids, we had so many ambitions. Practical or impractical did not matter to us. We enjoyed playing those roles thoroughly. We could play out who we desired to be but, as we grew up, did we not feel that if only were it possible, if we could rewind our life and told ourselves “I Wanna Grow Up Once Again”. Dr.Sumit Goel a Gold Medallist from the University of Mumbai, a Doctor-Homoeopath, Healer, Teacher-Trainer, Motivator, Life Coach and an Author, today announced the launch of its book “I Wanna Grow Up Once Again”. The book is an inward journey into how we have lived our life, till now and how we choose to live from now, it is about the journey of transformation. Anupam Kher, internationally acclaimed actor and awarded with Padma Bhushan has penned the introduction for the book.

Speaking on the launch of his book, Dr.Sumit Goel, said, “As we grow up, we try to understand life, ourselves and the world around us. We start to live with certain perceptions about our self. Our Perceptions lead to our patterns of behaviour. These patterns become repetitive and something that we find difficult to break. And so, we follow the same routine life day after day. We find ourselves caught in loops in life. Stories are different, situations are different, but our patterns remain the same. And a time comes in all our lives, when we tell ourselves – I wanna grow up once again. We have selectively used a simple language so that the readers can connect and can implement the book in their life.” He further added, “I always wanted to pen down experiences in a subtle relatable way to connect with each of my reader. The book is my experiences gathered over life from people, from self-experience, from students, from patients. This book is intended for the teens and young adults, who are at the opportune moment of living life and ‘growing up’ to be what they choose to be.”

The book I Wanna Grow Up Once Again is published by Notion Press and is available at all the leading sites like Amazon.in, Flipkart, notionpress.com, etc. The ebook can also be downloaded from booktopia.com.

About the author Dr.Sumit Goel

Sumit Goel is a Gold Medalist from the University of Mumbai, a Doctor-Homoeopath, Healer, Teacher-Trainer, Motivator, Life Coach and an Author. With the experience of more than 25 years, his acquaintances would first approach Dr.Sumit Goel concerning any guidance. He amalgamates the latest approaches in health management and life transformation technology to achieve the highest ideal of healthy living. He has a keen interest in ‘crisis management’ and hence hearing out people’s grievances and giving honest and practical advice is how he likes to spend most of his time. He greets them and their troubles with a beaming smile and wise words from his vast pool of knowledge. Having penned many medical books, he has been awarded the Best Author, in the field of medical literature.

Image 1: Actor Anupam Kher with Dr.Sumit Goel

Image 2: Front book cover I Wanna Grow Up Once Again


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