Great Place to Work Recognizes Xapads Media as One of India’s Best Workplaces

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New Delhi, 19th Oct 2021: Xapads Media- India’s leading programmatic Adtech platform, has been recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’. The company has emerged as one of India’s best workplaces in the mid-size organization and has received accolades in the six categories including Trust Index Score, Management Credibility, Respect for People, Workplace Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie among employees.

Based on the scores of these six categories, Xapads’ score is at par with the top 50 Great Place to Work® certified companies. The score for Trust Index was 90, management credibility was 91, respect for people 89, fairness at the workplace 90, pride 91 and camaraderie between people had a score of 91.

Expressing his excitement on becoming one of the Great Places to Work, Mr. Nitin Gupta, CEO, Xapads Media, said, “Being recognized as a Great Place to Work is largely a tribute to the work culture and HR policies of the company. We always try to uphold the highest standards and ensure fairness whilst dealing with the most important asset of our business: our employees. Xapads Media understands the importance of working together and the emotional relationship that employees have with each other.”

One of the important reasons why the organization scored well in the survey is because of the trust that the employees have in the company. They have a strict policy against gender discrimination, and growth opportunities are available to all, irrespective of the background of the employees. The female employees could vouch about the ‘pride’ and ‘workplace fairness’ based on the extended work from home option that the company has been providing to female employees post-maternity leave. Hence, incorporating employee-friendly measures such as flexible timings and remote working has always been a part of the organization’s working style.

On being recognized as a Great Place to Work, Akanksha Tripathi, AGM - Human Resource, Xapads Media, said, “We are really humbled to be recognized as one of the great workplaces after having a challenging year— 2020. As a growing company, the recognition is a testament to our holistic work culture and employee-friendly policies like the COVID care, twice a year appraisal, no cap incentive policy, flexible work timings for all and open-door policy amongst the other HR practices that have played a vital role in bagging this honour.”

Taking account of the same friendly workplace culture of the company, the management expects that the office will facilitate both ‘work and play’ for the employees in the region.


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