Jogani Wellness revolutionising traditional Indian wellness remedies for a healthy lifestyle

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Surat (Gujarat) [India], July 9: Ancient Indian traditional wellness remedies have always been unique. It has helped people to have a better and healthy life for thousands of years. Jogani Wellness is making a change by restabilising the ancient traditional remedies developed thousands of years ago by modernizing. In this era, people simply do not have time to invest in such rigorous procedures that have been passed down for generations. The brainchild of an expert research engineer and visionary engineer, Mahesh Jogani, founder of Jogani Wellness is helping people across the globe to have a better life by introducing natural organic procedures and devices based on the principles of ancient wellness remedies. He has been revolutionizing and modernizing the good old conventional remedies for more practical use.

Mr. Mahesh Jogani has over fourteen years of experience in modernizing different time-honoured wellness therapies while investing in rigorous research and development activities. Besides, sharing his expertise and knowledge, he has been educating people on the importance of yoga, meditation, and a natural way of living. His efforts through the Jogani Wellness have been acknowledged in over 24 countries including Europe, South-East Asia, the USA, Russia, and the Middle East.

Mr. Jogani has also created different wellness products based on traditional wellness therapies. Of all the products that Mr. Jogani has invented, 11 have already been patented whereas 46 product ideas are still pending for patent. With Jogani Wellness, he dreams to provide people with a chance to live healthily in a completely natural way even in the busy urban life.

The goal of Jogani Wellness is also in accord with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi to bring back the organic and traditional way of living to build a healthy India. In fact, Mr. M. B. Jogani has personally met with Mr. Prime Minister and informed him about the initiatives of the Jogani Wellness thus gaining recognition from Prime Minister Modi himself.

In its quest for promoting holistic wellness therapies, Jogani Wellness has already modernized some of its devices based on the traditional principles at economic prices. To begin with, Jogani Wellness offers ANT 8978, an innovative device that focuses on energy cleansing and naturally detoxes in the comfort of one’s home. This device brings together the principles of Ayurveda, traditional acupressure, and modern science together. The device not only helps in detoxifying the body but also helps in alleviating muscular pain naturally without having to rely on heavy doses of medication.

Furthermore, there is also ANT 8975 which is the Jogani Relaxation Therapy Device. In ancient India, the saints and healers have always respected the power of sound and frequencies for being great healers. Music not only helps in providing warmth to the soul, but it can also provide relaxation and heal. This smart therapy device that Jogani Wellness has created helps in providing immediate relaxation to the mind and reducing all the negative energy on an immediate basis. Also, it can be used easily with very little effort. The particular frequency that it creates is very soothing and calming which touches the soul and immediately promotes a pleasant feeling.

Mr. Jogani has also spent a considerable amount of time in developing the ANT 8977 or Mineral Crystal for healing which proves to be a great help to the urban populace. These divine crystals have been mined and handpicked from different ranges of the Himalayas. Having crystallized from the minerals of the primal ocean for over 250 million years, these crystals are naturally charged and contain vast healing properties, and perfect for healing activities. Useful in Pranik healing and Reiki, the crystals can also be utilised for cleaning the aura, chakra, and several other healing practices. They have also been proven very useful for reducing electromagnetic radiation and different skin ailments. Mr. Jogani wanted to spread the effectiveness of the crystals in reducing stress and boosting sleep and health through this product. Dr. Bhupendra Thumar, MBBS, DVD, Medical Director in Jogani Wellness provides guidance and knowledge for research as well as promotion centre base on ideas of Mr. Mahesh Jogani in Surat and Mumbai.

As humanity transcends to its next step, the importance of natural and organic living is being recognized by people across the globe. With his visionary approach, he is constantly reintroducing ancient and authentic remedies in modern ways. Jogani Wellness under the firm leadership of Mahesh Jogani is providing the global diaspora with a safe and clean lifestyle devoid of any chemicals or artificial elements.


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