Diagnear.com Making healthcare diagnostics Accessible Affordable and Available for all

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NEW DELHI, May 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Are you caring for yourself now more than ever? If yes, then Diagnear will help you care for self and your near ones a little extra. We know staying healthy is necessary but most of the misconceptions begin right from there as well. A definition of Health like no other and comfort of home just for you. Let's deep dive right into who we are? And what are we like? Including what makes us exceptional.

Diagnear; a term that came into existence when we decided to bring diagnostics near you. When we say that we care about you, we say it with the utmost sincerity and generosity. We are a team that is dedicated to healthcare and trying to provide an affordable, reliable, and most convenient diagnostics experience at the comfort of your home. Diagnear is a dream shaping itself into reality for people and itself. We are a bunch of healthcare professionals who have come up with a venture conceptualized by people with a common goal, passion, and understanding of the healthcare industry by virtue of the collective experience of over 55 years. We as a team have only one intent in mind: making healthcare diagnostics accessible, affordable, and available to one and all for now in Goa and in the near future to anyone and everyone across India.

Our motives and want to make you care for yourself makes us different from others but there are still a lot of services that have a motive of reliability, standardisation and a promise of being transparent to people we come across. We bring the diagnostics near you, we come to you.

Our brand USP talks louder for itself, with every step that we are taking towards bringing healthcare to home and diagnostics even near you. Just to keep you at ease and comfortable we provide you with home sample collection options while booking in for any kind of test that you are planning to get done for yourself. We Usher to not just make people aware of what health feels like but also what real health actually means. We have a variety of services and health checkup packages to offer in Goa specifically and specially tailored as per your health requirements and feasibility. We have a structure of health checkup packages that will provide you with convenient, affordable, accurate, and reliable smart reports with specific detailing about the insight from within.

We want you to care for yourself, but we are here to care for you to make you do that. As a healthcare brand, we believe in intriguing people to know about their health and well-being much better than, they actually think.

There are notions that make one think very closely about their overall health but thinking is not just enough, acting upon is very necessary. We have seen people struggle internally and we aim at making it all seamless and easy for you to know about what's going inside of you. Diagnear is a venture that makes it relatively easy and affordable to get health checkups done while at one's best comfort. We have categorically bifurcated the packages as per your habits and other patterns.

We are here to cater to the diverse needs of people when it comes to uncertain and unexpected health changes which need immediate attention. We help you recognize those root causes with health checkups and tests to suit your needs as well. Individuals come up with questions as to why Diagnear?

We have a very subtle nuance to keep forward for them to understand and browse through a very convenient website. We at Diagnear have made sure to provide an interesting and healthy browsing experience to one and all by widely personalizing the health checkups via divisional segmentation on choosing the right test for themselves. How we do it? We have various categories which would bring ease to the person who is browsing through the health checkup, profiles, and tests which are not just based on the habits but also Organs, as to which organ is your problem area and needs test consideration. Then we have Age groups for the appropriate diversions of tests to personalize as per one's need. We also have divisions like marital and lifestyle which are co-related to habits in one way or the other.

We believe in keeping you healthy and internally well which is why we aim and aid you with healthcare services at home. Keeping the current situation in prior consideration Diagnear takes the safety of everyone seriously. We have come with a purpose to not just provide you with Comfort, Affordability, Accessibility, and Availability of several services rather we are here to make sure that you are keeping well from within which is our utmost priority as healthcare professionals and humans too. This is why we have stepped up with the motive of spreading wider wings like never before in the industry of healthcare. We a team of healthcare professionals have come up just for you, to keep you well even on the dull days.

Let's get healthy together and care for ourselves a little extra. Bringing Diagnostics Near You.


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