Changing Landscape Of Medical Technology Training Education In Post Covid-19 Era

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Straddling highly sophisticated medical technology on one hand and the revolutionary potential of a digitized world on the other, the healthcare industry is one that is evolving constantly. Recent developments in science and technology have made the unthinkable a reality, from remote monitoring devices to wearable technology, and if current trends are anything to go by, the future looks promising.

The emergence of innovative and path-breaking advancements in patient care is largely dependent on collaborative work between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and med-tech companies. They form the two pillars that guide the development of any new therapy, interacting at every stage, from conducting research and clinical studies, formulating early designs, to supporting medical education that counsels practitioners about the safe and effective usage of technologies.

This is precisely where it becomes imperative for care providers and medical professionals to constantly keep up with emerging techniques and technologies, through continuous education and holistic skill development. Medical education is rapidly changing and being a physician requires focus and adaptability as therapies and procedures evolve. Just the last one year of Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we deliver healthcare or access it. Use of AR or VR, applying artificial intelligence, using wearables, simulations are some of the techniques being adopted by healthcare community to keep the training momentum ongoing.It becomes even more important to adapt to changing times and devise newer models of keeping the physicians abreast with the advancements in med-tech so that more and more patients can get access to good quality healthcare coupled with benefits of reducedhospitalization, faster recovery and scarless procedures.

Medtronic has been at the forefront in our efforts to contribute in the education and training of HCPs. Whether it’s through our Therapy and Procedure Training Center in Mumbai or other training programs, we’ve been devising broad range of clinical and educational modules that provide hands-on training and interactive case-based discussions to physicians to enhance their understanding of therapy and patient management. With tailored curriculum offered through both online and practical settings by preeminent faculty, we have been committed to helping HCPs focus on deepening their expertise and improving patient outcomes.


Physicians and surgeons in India are among the best in the world but we need more such qualified healthcare professionals for achieving best clinical outcomes and to take healthcare further, together. India’s Next Sushruta (INS) is an example of a new age, one of a kind academic initiative in the med-tech industrythat further aims to address prevalent capacity and awareness barriers while maximizing patient access to various therapies in the future. INS devised by us in partnership with Docplexus is a unique digital engagement program involving a case study competition targeted towards postgraduates and super-specialty students in the field of surgery. Named after the Father of Early Surgery, Sushruta, it targets over 100 medical schools in the country, covering various specialties like general surgery, gastrointestinal, oncology, gynecology and urology.

It demonstrates our commitment to drive our Mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life. The academic nature of the contest helps all participants to enrich the scope of their experience.It also assists in skill development by engaging with other medical students,thinking outside the box and providing future doctors of this country with exposure to practical experiences,under expert guidance.

INS started with 1300+ registrations from across the country and top 10 finalists will convene virtually at the grand finale scheduled on 24th Jan 2021.


Madan Krishnan

Vice President & Managing Director

India Medtronic Pvt Ltd.


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