COVID museum on cards in Kolkata to commemorate pandemic fight

    Kolkata, Jan 13 (PTI) To commemorate the frontline
workers who died in the battle against the coronavirus and
document how lives have changed amid the pandemic, doctors are
planning to set up a museum in Kolkata.
    The museum will showcase items like PPE kits, masks,
gloves and sanitisers, besides several other materials that
became essential in the fight against the virus, West Bengal
Doctors' Forum (WBDF) office-bearer Dr Rajiv Pandey said on
    A proposal has been sent to the state government and a
final nod is awaited, Dr Pandey said.
    "This pandemic has come after more than 100 years,
even our grandparents have never seen something that we are
witnessing," he told PTI.
    "We have already lost around 90 doctors in our state
to the pandemic. Like so many other things, this time and
these people will be forgotten. Future generations should not
be allowed to forget the sacrifices made. That's the reason we
have planned this museum," he said.
    The museum will also tell stories of the people who
lost their lives in the fight against the virus, he said.
    Even ambulances used to ferry patients will also be
featured in the museum, Dr Pandey said.
    The museum will also have a memorial for the doctors
who have succumbed to the disease.
    "We will document how this pandemic unfolded -- how
vaccines were invented and the fight of the entire mankind
against the pandemic. Also, how different countries tried to
fight it out will be depicted," said Dr Arjun Dasgupta, who
mooted the idea of the museum.
    Pandey said a written request has been sent to the
state government to provide a piece of land at a subsidised
rate at a suitable location.
    "We want the government to provide a piece of land,
the rest we will arrange," he said. PTI SCH

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