The Death of Marketing - Medvarsity Online Limited Officially Shuts Down its Marketing Team With a Focus on Growing 100 This Year

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- A progressive & brave initiative envisioned to thrive in a rapidly changing ecosystem and impact healthcare with an escalated pace

HYDERABAD, India, March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 1, 2020, Mr. Gerald Jaideep, the CEO of Medvarsity announced on LinkedIn that he is aiming for Medvarsity to grow over 100% this year, and therefore, shutting down his marketing function. It led to debates - both online and offline.

In an era wherein the term marketing is perceived as a fading concept and many organization are bringing a change to their business strategies in order to flourish in the disruptive and evolving ecosystem, the organization took this radical step to set a precedent for other organizations in its niche and bring a shift in the modus operandi by building a team that will formulate newer and innovative ways to drive organizational success.

Exit team marketing, and enter Team Growth - a group of professionals that will be working to reinvent the organization's actual potential, take initiatives to provide better services to the end-users and make a simultaneous effort to explore possibilities and untapped opportunities to set new horizons for the growth of the organization. With the technological transformation of the healthcare ecosystem, the approach of education is changing, and the change is translating to the operations at various organizations in the education technology domain. In this scenario, the organization executed management scrutiny to identify the gaps needed to be filled in order to create a better value for the customers, stakeholders, and learners. After identifying the need for a fresh approach to generate business opportunities and to be in alignment with the contemporary trends, the organization recognized the requirement of an incredibly talented team that can leverage the blend of technology and traditional methods to scaleup the impact of the organization on the Indian healthcare community.

"We, as an organization, believe that we have entered the phase III of our mission to impact healthcare through education in which we are looking to take our business to the next level and set goals that will not only pace-up the growth of the business but also provide great value to our stakeholders and learners. In this direction, I believe that Team Growth, being a group of experienced and highly-skilled professionals, is capable of bringing the much-needed transformation in the ways with which we look to grow and achieve our new goals and execute them to bring our initiative to fruition," quoted Mr. Gerald Jaideep - CEO of Medvarsity Online Ltd.

In the contemporary regime of business, terms such as growth hacker are gaining prevalence and replacing marketer which may be a concept of yesterday soon. Many companies are adopting the growth model and witnessing a significant shift in terms of revenue rise. Moreover, the latest trends warrant a much more radical approach to achieve the desired results. In this scenario, the organization looks forward to bringing not only change to the operations but also imparting a change in the approach of its people and inspiring progressive thinking in the workforce at large.

"There are possibilities for business to grow beyond the traditional way of marketing, and the digital education sector has a lot to offer to the players. It was important for us to bring a transition in terms of strategic planning in order to pave a new path to growth for the organization. As Team Growth, we are working to connect the dots of the current business scenario and market trends of online medical education to design strategies that are not only new but also augment the revenues. Through our new methodologies, we look forward to adding value to the vision of the organization, which is making a substantial contribution in the evolution of healthcare in India by providing courses that help the medical fraternity to upskill and propagate career growth," added Bibhuti Acharya - Associate Vice President, the Head of Growth Team at Medvarsity Online Ltd.

The future foresees a certain enhancement in opportunities for the medical education technology and more so when the education technology industry is growing at a massive rate across the globe. The execution of the growth model in the organization will impart the much-needed pace required to thrive in the current dynamics of the agile business world.

About Medvarsity Online Ltd.

Medvarsity Online Ltd. is India's first and largest online healthcare training company with over 45,000 medical professionals trained and certified. Our partnerships with leading universities globally enable us to present the best courses and faculty to our students and help them meet their learning goals. With over 7000 active learners on our platform and course accreditation by leading global partners, Medvarsity is a leader in the medical certification training in the region. It is the leading online medical certification and training company with presence across 10 locations in India and students across India, Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia. Our blended training solutions combine the best of traditional e-learning, live virtual classes, clinical bedside learning and mobile learning models to deliver impactful courses to our students. Medvarsity has been rewarded with 'excellence in training and development' in online education in the year 2018.

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