POSHN Super-juice s Secret Formula is Ideal for Daily Energy Needs

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MUMBAI, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 'POSHN'- Functional Super-juice launched in 2018 by Fettle Works LLP, offers tasty and functional health juices that are low on calories, have no added sugar, are dairy-free, non-carbonated, devoid of ingredients from genetically modified organisms, gluten-free, vegan, and are 100% natural. The idea is simple, Fruits + Herbs = Super-juice. As per recent sales records, the company is doing well and has become a healthy alternative to other beverages.

Within a short period, 'POSHN' has evolved as one of the market leaders in delicious and functional health juices. Fettle Works LLP was also awarded the prestigious Coca Cola Golden Spoon award for the Most Admired Startup of the Year 2019 at the India Foods Forum. In a recent sales reports, it was found that the Indigo Airline Staff also prefers 'POSHN' for a guilt-free and healthy alternative to other beverages. The airline staff had requested the management to have this drink in their daily diet, which is guilt-free, delicious, nutritional, and also a healthy solution for their daily energy needs.

Currently, 'POSHN' offers two types of juices - the Relax 'POSHN' and the Recharge 'POSHN'. The brand uses a proprietary formula to create juices that can help people feel energized when they are low and relax when they need to unwind. 'POSHN' pays special attention to the taste of the juices and handpicks fruits to maintain texture and taste. They functionally boost the juices by adding natural powerhouses like Green Tea, Chamomile, and Ginseng.

The founder, Rahul H. Kakkad says, "With today's lifestyle being so ever-demanding, people needed a convenient source of nutrition in an appetizing form. This is where 'POSHN' stepped in. 'POSHN' is a health drink brand that makes Functional Super-juices. We call it a functional super-juice because each variant has a certain function to perform once you consume it and also because they are made with superfruits. One variant would recharge your body with herbs like Ginseng and Green Tea, while the other would relax your body with the help of Chamomile flower extracts and other nutritional fruits. We source our ingredients from all different parts of the world. Our fruit blends originate from Israel, our stevia comes from Germany, and our herbs come from various parts of the world too. The international touch can be noticed once a person has the products. Our taste truly speaks for itself, which is why people are coming back for more."

"We are thankful and overwhelmed with the response received so far and we are trying to reach more customers worldwide through Online and Retail sales," he added.

Rahul has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Industrial and Systems Engineering) along with a Minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. His natural entrepreneurial knack has helped him create a brand that values nature and health over everything else.

For more information on 'POSHN' - Functional Super-juices, kindly visit: https://www.myposhn.com/

About Fettle Works LLP:

'POSHN' is a brand launched by the company Fettle Works LLP. The company was founded by Mr. Rahul H.Kakkad who is also three times National Champion in Swimming.

The word 'Fettle' means to be fit, and thereby, the company endeavors to create cool and fun products that are good for health and fitness while being ambrosial on the taste buds.

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