Former Apple execs Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno are the brains behind Humane Inc's Ai Pin, a standalone screenless wearable

Ai Pin, which comes in three colours, has an ultra-wide RGB camera that can capture photos and support your nutrition goals by identifying food.

At $699, you can get the device, two battery boosters, a charge pad, a charge case, a cable and an adapter. Humane's $24 monthly subscription includes a dedicated phone number, cloud storage and unlimited talk, text, and data.

To communicate with the Ai Pin, the user can speak to it, tap on the touchpad, make gestures, or interact via the Laser Ink Display projected onto the palm.

Ai Pin works on Humane's Cosmos OS and the Ai Bus software that doesn't need apps. It runs on a Snapdragon processor and a Qualcomm AI Engine.

Humane says Ai Pin does not employ ‘wake words’, ensuring it's not always listening. It also has a Trust Light to indicate active sensors.

Ai Pin can send messages in your voice tone and its Catch Me Up function can take you through the inbox. It can also act as a foreign language interpreter.