What Barcelona fed its legendary stars after games?

(Source: Simon Kuper's 'Barca') | AFP

Understanding Post-match meals:

Post-match meals are supposed to be rich on carbs and sugar to aid muscle rebuilding after 90 minutes of toiling at the highest level.

Mascherano (Defender):

Pasta salad and two pieces of fruit | @FCBarcelona

Sergi Roberto (Defender):

Sushi and 'triple sandwich' with Nutella | @FCBarcelona

Andres Iniesta (Midfielder):

Ham-and-cheese pizza and a sandwich of bologna and chorizo (Iberian pork sausage) | AFP

Sergio Busquets (Defensive midfielder):

Ham pizza and fruit (only pineapple and strawberry) | @FCBarcelona

Xavi (Midfielder):

Chopped chicken breast and ham pizza | FCB official website

Ivan Rakitic (Midfielder):

Sushi (two helpings) and fruit | @FCBarcelona

Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Goalkeeper):

Sushi and Nutella sandwich | @FCBarcelona

Gerard Pique (Defender):

Nutella sandwich and fruit | @FCBarcelona

Luis Suarez (Striker):

Ham-and-cheese pizza and Caesar salad | @FCBarcelona

Neymar (Attacker/Winger):

Ham-and-cheese pizza plus fruit | AFP

Lionel Messi (Playmaker/Winger):

Cheese pizza! | @FCBarcelona