The Australian 'sandpaper gate' explained

When and Where:

March, 2018. Third day of third Test against South Africa at Cape Town. | AFP

Players involved:

Australia's then-Test captain Steve Smith, his deputy David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. | Reuters

What happened:

Australian rookie Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera rubbing the ball using a yellow thing. | AP

The thing was hidden in his trousers and he told the on-field umpires that "he was polishing the ball with a microfiber cloth". | AFP

But why?

When rubbed using sandpaper, the ball will swing better -- helping the bowlers. | Twitter

What happened next:

In a press conference, Bancroft, Warner and Smith admitted to having rubbed the ball with "yellow adhesive tape." | Reuters

“Yes, I lied about the sandpaper and I panicked in that situation, and I’m very sorry,” Bancroft told the press. | AFP

An investigation later revealed that the material in focus was, in fact, sandpaper. | Reuters


Steve Smith and David Warner stepped down. | AFP

Cricket Australia handed a 12-month ban to Warner and Smith. Bancroft was given a nine-month ban. | AFP

Later, Smith and Warner broke down during press meets. | Twitter

Smith and Warner were both denied of leading Australia. Reuters

Warner was found to be responsible for initiating the plan to tamper with the ball. | AFP

After serving their bans, all three players returned to the national fold. | Reuters