The India Meteorological Department has forecasted 'above normal' temperatures for April to June, indicating that this year's heatwaves may be particularly severe. To cope with the heat, it's crucial to stay hydrated, opt for suitable foods, and avoid direct sunlight for relief.

Fluids rich in electrolytes help keep the body hydrated and boost immunity.

Coconut water

A refreshing beverage, contains electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium, which aid in maintaining hydration levels.

Lemon water

Commonly known as 'nimbu paani', is prepared by mixing lemon juice and water with a dash of salt and sugar. It not only satisfies thirst but also offers a dose of vitamin C and electrolytes, assisting in hydration and restoring minerals lost through sweating.


A probiotic beverage created by mixing yoghurt with water and seasoned with spices such as roasted cumin powder and salt, offers a refreshing sensation and assists in digestion | Kerala Tourism

Cucumber, mint, and watermelon are among the cooling beverages that can aid in managing the effects of a heatwave.

Frozen treats are another option for staying cool and hydrated. Ice pops, slushies, and sorbets offer refreshing relief from the heat.

Opt for sugar-free juice: Natural juices without added sugars not only hydrate you but also supply essential nutrients to keep you energized and nourished during hot weather, including vital Vitamin C.

Steer clear of alcohol: While a cold beer may seem appealing, it actually exacerbates dehydration rather than refreshing your body.