Scientists in Mexico recently relaunched a fundraising campaign to bolster conservation efforts for an endangered fish-like salamander, Axolotls. They are urging people to shell out 600 pesos to adopt this creature that lives in water. Well, you may not be able to save the Axolotls, but, here are some low-maintenance lizards you can keep as pets.

Bearded dragon

The bearded dragon might look fierce, but, it doesn't really need live creatures to feed on. Bearded dragons can grow up to two feet and live up to 12 years in captivity.


Chameleons are not only docile and calm, but they can also survive on leafy greens and fruits. They don't need as much space and can live up to ten years.

Caiman lizard

The Caiman lizard, which grows up to four feet, may need more maintenance-- it eats snails and sometimes clams and crawfish. It also needs a water tank to live in and it can live up to ten years. The caiman lizard can also be fed tinned meat.

Crested gecko

The crested gecko can be a companion in your small apartment. They grow up to 14 inches and in captivity live till 20 years. They can survive on fruits, insects and sap.


You might need a large room/house to keep a pet iguana as they can grow up to 6 feet. They also live for up to 20 years and can survive on a vegetarian diet comprising vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, peas and green beans. Images courtesy: Wikimedia Commons