Colombia to tax processed food under junk food law!

1. What's the buzz about?

Colombia has introduced a "health tax" targeting junk food. (File Photo)


Colombia's “junk food law” came into force earlier this month (Nov 2023). (File Photo)

3. Landmark development?

Colombia has become one of the first countries in the world to tax "ultra-processed food." (File Photo)


Those in favour of the move are comparing the taxation to that imposed on tobacco products. | Twitter

5. How does taxing of junk food items work?

According to The Guardian, junk foods are now taxed at 10%, which will be increased to 15% next year before reaching 20% in 2025.

6. What food items will be taxed now?

Ready-to-eat foods, chocolates, packed chips and other snacks with salt and saturated fat. (File Photo)


In other words, the tax applies to products that have a health warning label (high content of unhealthy ingredients) | AFP

8. Aimed at stalling lifestyle diseases

Nearly a third of adults in Colombia have high blood pressure; more than a third of deaths among those aged below 70 years are attributed to diabetes in the country, The Guardian said in a report. (File Photo)