Nipah Virus: 8 things to know

WHAT IS NIPAH VIRUS? Nipah virus (NiV) is a zoonotic virus that spreads mainly through fruit bats or 'flying foxes'. | Shutterstock

WHAT IS A ZOONOTIC VIRUS? Zoonotic viruses are those that can spread from animals to humans and cause disease.

IS NIPAH DEADLY? 40% to 75% of patients are unlikely to survive the contagious Nipah virus. | Shutterstock

SYMPTOMS: Symptoms of Niv include breathing trouble, inflammation of the brain, fever, headache, disorientation and delirium. A patient can slip into a coma within 48 hours. | PTI

HOW NiV SPRADS? The virus spreads when people come in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. Thus, a patient's blood, urine, excreta and saliva need to be avoided.

WEAR FACE MASKS, DIENFECT PREMISES: People who take care of an infected person have a high chance of contracting the Nipah virus. | PTI

CAUTION CAN NEVER HURT: Food products, especially fruits, that an infected bat is likely to bite and contaminate need to be avoided at all costs.

IS VACCINATION AVAILABLE FOR NIPAH VIRUS? Thereís no medication or vaccine to treat the Nipah virus. | PTI