5 movies of Darshan Thoogudeepa

(Compiled by Devika G Krishnan)

#1. Saarathi – 2011

'Saarathi' is a romantic thriller Kannada movie starring Darshan and Deepa Sannidhi directed by Dinakar Thoogudeepa. Darshan plays Raja, an auto driver who falls in love with Deepa's character, Rukmini. However, Rukmini is from the village chieftain's family in Durgakote and was sent there to marry her relative Pratab.

Raja, his adoptive father, and friends traveled to Durgakote in order to win her back. There, he will learn about his past and get revenge on the mishaps that have befallen on him. 'Saarathi' won the Karnataka State Film Awards for the best entertaining movie.

#2. Kaatera – 2023

In Tarun Shudir's 'Kaatera', Darshan is a blacksmith with unwavering honesty and daring spirit. He has dealt with numerous hurdles to bring justice to his people.

The film is set in Bheemanahalli, where farmers have been mistreated by the feudal landlords Devaraya and Kaalegowda. When the land reform act was introduced, the farmers saw a ray of hope for escape from the cruelty. This film is based on real-life incident set in the 70s.

#3. Bul Bul – 2013

'Bulbul' is a remake of the Telugu movie 'Darling'. Darshan plays Vijay, who invents a fictional girlfriend to evade an arranged marriage. However, complications arise when the fictitious lover, played by Rachita Ram, enters his life, leading to a series of humorous and emotional events. The film is also inspired by '50 First Dates'.

#4. Chakravarthy - 2017

'Chakravarthy' is a Kannada action crime drama film directed by Chintan. Darshan plays the lead role as Shankar, a man who transforms from a care free guy to a feared underworld don. The movie is set in the 80s and 90s, depicting Shankar's rise in the criminal world, his conflicts with rival gangs, and his struggle to maintain his integrity.

'Chakravarthy' is notable for its engaging storyline, Darshan's performance, and its portrayal of the underworld.

#5. Majestic - 2002

'Majestic' is a Kannada action movie directed by P.N. Satya. It marked the debut of Darshan as a lead actor, playing the role of Daasa, a small-time criminal who rises to power in the underworld. The film revolves around Daasa's journey, his love interest, and his confrontations with law enforcement, led by an honest police officer portrayed by Jai Jagadish. 'Majestic' was a commercial success and established Darshan as a prominent actor in the Kannada film industry.