RIP, Cheems Doge meme's Kabosu

Internet's favourite dog is no more | Twitter

RIP, Kabosu:

Dog Kabosu, who inspired the Doge meme, has died. Internet's favourite canine died in Japan on May 24. | X

Granny dog:

Kabosu was 19 years old, her owner Atsuko Sato said. Of Shiba Inu breed, Kabosu was adopted in 2008 from a shelter. | X

No suffering:

Kabosu had a peaceful death as she passed "quietly" in her sleep in the lap of her owner. | X

What happened to Kabosu?

The dog was reportedly diagnosed with cholangiohepatitis and lymphoma leukaemia in 2022. | X

People to bid farewell:

A farewell gathering will be held in Japan's Narita City on May 26 in memory of Kabosu, Atsuko Sato said. | X

Internet's favourite dog!

The viral picture of Doge meme also became an NFT digital artwork and was sold for reportedly USD 4 million. | X

The 'X' factor!

In 2023, Elon Musk made Kabosu the logo of X (formerly Twitter) for a brief period. | X

The crypto dog!

Kabosu's iconic image also became an inspiration for 'Dogecoin', which now stands as the eighth-most valuable cryptocurrency with a market capitalisation of USD 23 billion. | X

Rest well, Kabosu...

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You will be missed, but not forgotten...

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