V-Day is just around the corner! You may not be big on celebrating it. You might even be planning to spend it alone. Here's what you can do instead-- call up your girlfriends, order take-out, and watch some romantic movies. Here are some not-so-cheesy ones to stream.

Happiness for Bgeinners

After a divorce, Helen (Ellie Kemper) is coaxed to join a wilderness survival course by her brother. This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Katherine Centre. While on the survival course, she meets Jake, a friend of her brother. Watch it on Netflix

The Hating Game

Lucy (Lucy Hale ) and Josh (Austin Stowell) are up for a promotion at a publishing house. They both keep trying to one-up each other. Eventually, they place a bet-- whoever doesn't get promoted, has to quit. Watch it on Prime Video

Your Place or Mine

This movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, is about two college sweethearts. They remain friends post-break-up. When Debbie (Witherspoon) has to go to New York to complete an accounting program, Peter (Kutcher) offers to come to LA to watch her teenage son. Watch it on Netflix

About Fate

This movie starring Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann, is about two people, who have been unlucky in love. But, owing to a wild twist of events, the two of them meet and chaos ensues. Watch it on Prime Video

When We First Met

Noah (Adam Devine) and Avery (Alexandra Daddario). He falls for her but gets friend-zoned. Three years later, she gets engaged to another man. Noah goes through a magical portal (a photo booth) to go back in time and win her affection. Watch it on Netflix

People We Hate at the Wedding

In this film starring Kristen Bell and Angelique Cabral, siblings come together for their half-sister's wedding. It follows the complicated love lives of the siblings-- a gay man, whose partner wants to make it an open relationship and a woman, who having an affair with her married boss. Watch it on Prime Video