With Norman Lear, writer of iconic sitcoms like The Jeffersons and All in the Family passing; and the release of The Archies, the Bollywood adaptation of the iconic comics, a tinge of bitter-sweet nostalgia hangs in the air. While we might not be able to watch shows by Lear in India, we can still watch these gems from the 90s, and early 2000s to revel in those warm fuzzy memories.

Malcolm in the Middle

This series, which was released in 2000, is about a dysfunctional family. And Malcolm, a bright teenage boy tries to survive his dimwitted family. Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

Everybody Loves Raymond

This series is about a successful sports writer, who has obnoxious parents and a jealous brother. Stream it on Prime Video.

Will and Grace

This 1998 series revolves around the friendship between a straight interior designer Grace and Will, a gay lawyer. They share an apartment in New York. Stream it on Jio Cinema.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

All chaos breaks loose at the Banks family mansion when their wayward teen nephew from Philadelphia moves in with them in the posh locality of Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Stream it on Netflix

Yes, Minister

The British comedy from 1980, is about a politician, who hopes to bring in changes after becoming cabinet minister, but, a lot of his recommendations are often met with opposition. Stream it on Prime Video.

The Vampire Diaries

Twilight fans are bound to like this story of two feuding vampire brothers-- their lives, loves and other lurking dangers. Stream it on Prime Video or Netflix.


Dexter Morgan, played by Michael Hall, in this 2006 series, is a man with homicidal tendencies, he works as a forensic technician for the police department. Stream it on Amazon.