Shyam Rangeela: Comedian to contest against PM Modi in Varanasi

A Narendra Modi fan, 29-year-old Shyam Rangeela is in the news for his decision to contest against the Prime Minister in Varanasi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Who is Shyam Rangeela? : Shyam Rangeela aka Shyam Sundar hails from the village of Manakhtheri Barani in the Hanumargh district of Rajasthan. He was an animation student who passion for comedy drove him into the art of mimicry and stand-up.

Fame imitating Modi: Shyam Rangeela's first tryst with fame was when he posted a video in 2017 wherein he imitated the Prime Minister. He has also mimicked Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

His 'Maan ki Baat': In the 2:46 minute video, Rangeela is seen saying that it is India’s democracy which allows one to contest in the elections and he believes people must have an option to vote against a candidate. "It is not a joke, this is a relevant step to keep the democracy alive," he posted on X.

Shift in perspective: Shyam Rangeela said he was a Modi supporter in the 2014 elections but the last 10 years shifted his perspective. "The intolerance towards satire and mimicry of politicians (sic)" prompted him to make a political debut.