Russia's first post-Soviet space rocket | Reuters


Russia on Thursday test-launched its Angara-A5 space rocket for the first time from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far East.

Successful launch:

The test load was successfully put in low orbit as part of an effort to develop a new post-Soviet launch vehicle. | AFP

The relevance:

Angara-A5 is Russia's first post-Soviet space rocket while Vostochny is located in the forests of the Amur region of Russia's Far East. | AFP

Third-time lucky?

Two launches of the Angara rocket were aborted at the very last minute on both Tuesday and Wednesday. | Reuters

Reasons for failure:

A kaput engine launch-control system and a malfunctioning pressurising system were cited as the reasons. | AFP


The 54.5-metre (178.81-foot) three-stage rocket, with a mass of about 773 tonnes, can carry about 24.5 tonnes into space, according to Russia's Kommersant newspaper. | AFP

Long-term mission:

The commissioning of the Angara spacecraft will allow Russia to launch spacecraft of all types from its territory and provide our country with independent guaranteed access to space. | AFP