Millions of Indians across the globe are celebrating Holi, the festival of colours on Monday (March 25) | PTI

Holi is based on the Hindu legend of Holika, a female demon, who tries to kill her nephew Prahlad as he worships the Hindu God Vishnu. But Prahlad miraculously survives the burning fire even as Holika is consumed by the flames. As part of the festivities, bonfires are lit the evening before Holi signifying the triumph of righteousness over sin | PTI

Women drenched in colours celebrate Holi, in Nadia, West Bengal | PTI

Foreign nationals play Holi during 'Dol Yatra' festival celebrations, in Howrah | PTI

A young girl smeared in colored powder dances atop the shoulder of a devotee while celebrating Holi, in the Encino section of Los Angeles | AP

People daubed with colour powders take part in the Holi Festival in Nairobi, Kenya | Reuters

A woman wearing sunglasses has her face smeared in colored powder as she celebrates Holi, in the Encino section of Los Angeles | AP