Six things to know about India’s first underwater metro in Kolkatar

PM Modi inaugurated India's first under-river metro service in Kolkata on March 6, 2024. The Howrah Maidan-Esplanade Metro section features the 520-metre-long tunnel crossing the Hooghly River.

Of the total 16.6 km of the East-West Metro corridor, 10.8 km is underground, including the tunnel beneath the river. The average time of underwater travel is 45 seconds, and a train can run at a speed of up to 80 kmph.

The service connects Kolkata's two twin cities—Howrah and Salt Lake. Howrah Metro station will be the deepest metro station in the country.

The inner walls of the tunnel, illuminated with blue lights, give passengers the feeling of gliding through the river.

The ticket prices range from Rs 5 to Rs 50, depending on the distance travelled.

Commercial functioning of the entire East-West route will begin by June - July, from Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan.