Spanish Fire Horror

These images capture the intensity of the fire in Valencia | AP

Fire incident in Spain:

A residential block was destroyed by fire in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia, killing four people and leaving 14 missing. | AFP

Danger persists:

The danger of the 14-story building collapsing is far from over. The building was said to have been built some 15 years ago. | Reuters

Crucial hours

The continuing intense heat from the fire were preventing emergency workers from getting in to search for possible survivors. | AP

Rescue efforts going on

Firefighters continued to hose down parts of the gutted building some 15 hours after the blaze started. | AP

Big tragedy

It was not immediately made known how many people were in the building at the time, but dozens are believed to have lost their homes and belongings. | AP

Daring rescue-op

Firefighters rushed to the scene on the outskirts of the city centre on Thursday evening as flames burst from windows. The personnel used a crane to lift two residents from one of the balconies. | AP

Major crew on ground zero

The fire started in one part of the complex and spread to an adjacent building. Some 90 soldiers from Spain's Military Emergency Unit and 40 firefighting trucks also were deployed. | AP

Cause of fire remains unknown

The cause of the fire was still not known early Friday. Officials maintain it is too early to comment on news reports that suggested it might have spread rapidly owing to materials used in the building's structure. | AP

Spain building fire

The fire sent clouds of black smoke billowing skyward that could be seen from afar. Spain's weather agency, Aemet, reported winds of up to 60 kph at the time. | AP