When Ice Meets Lava:

Iceland volcanic eruption through pictures | AP

Volcanic eruption:

Several communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula of Iceland were cut off from heat and hot water after a river of lava engulfed a supply pipeline. | AP


Lava continued to spew from parts of the fissure and a huge plume of steam rose over a section of the crack where magma mixed with groundwater. | AP


The eruption site is about 4 kilometers northeast of Grindavik, a coastal town of 3,800 people. | AP

No confirmed casualties:

No confirmed deaths have been reported, but a workman is missing after falling into a fissure opened by the volcano. | AP

Shocking footages:

Dramatic video from Iceland's coast guard showed fountains of lava soaring more than 50 meters (165 feet) into the darkened skies. | AP

A plume of vapor rose about 3 kilometers (1½ miles) above the volcano. | AP

It’s unclear whether the residents of Grindavik will ever be able to return permanently. | AP

Familiar natuaral calamity for Iceland:

Iceland, which sits above a volcanic hot spot in the North Atlantic, averages an eruption every four to five years. | AP